Tribes fall into the following categories:



Hunter Tribes are the most aggressive and low-tec on Earth. They do have farms and other production capabilities. The term Hunter comes from their violent fighting styles and fanatical observance to their God Grandu Nehglo. They will not hesitate to invade neighboring Tribes to steal needed items from Tec to slaves.


Farmer tribes are users of Hi-Tec devices and work collectively to restore the once vast ECS governments and conduits. They received the Farmer moniker due to their gathering old Tec and devising new uses for it.

They worship two distinct Gods: Haden Et Kwmos Goddess of night and Nee’tum-Ver’tug the God of day.


Threshers are the outcasts. They are mostly the criminals and the out cast. Many Threshers are deformed and not valued in society of the other two types of tribes.

Both the Farmers and the Hunters will trade with Threshers as they remain neutral in any fight and always have the best intel on new relics or new research on the fabled [Door of Letha]

They worship the God of the Unkown and the Dead Rena Futos and the Goddess of life and frivolities Pave Rahday

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