Space Ships

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There are no viable ships on Earth at this time. The most recent to land was parted out to make a sustainable habitat for the new Earth Residents.


There are 4 types:


The most rare of weapons. The chance of finding one, let alone a working one, are 1 in 200,000. the most common types of weapons read about in the Ly-Brae are Ray Pistols and Rifles. There is mention of the devastating Partical Cannon but only references can be found.


This includes all types of black powder guns and internal combustion devices. These rare items being found are 1 in 100,000


These include finely smithed weapons of metallic/plastic alloys. These rare items being found is 1 in 50,000


These are the low single metal or wood versions of most crude weapons. Their effectiveness will vary according to material and current state of weapon “hardness” (note: most simple weapons in WoD Armory page 21-30 can be found 1 in 500 odds)

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