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The year is 33,106.

The human race moved beyond the limits of our solar system and grew into a vast civilization. It was a GOLDEN AGE where reason and science answered and eliminated superstition. No longer were wars fought over imaginary slights. Resources went to the betterment of society and its overall security as a whole. Poverty and disease was eliminated by forward thinking individuals that saw our race growing beyond perceived limitations. The unknown became known and the uncontrollable, controlled. All was set into motion with the discovery of the Higgs-Bosun particle in the early 21st century. This single discovery allowed the fabrication of stable Luz-phosphorus conduits that would enable rapid travel to Mars and beyond. This great age lasted several millennium.

The ECS Earth Centered Systems grew tool large for continued sustainability. Vast distances of space began to see limits to human endurance and viability of goods transport. Eventually the ECS seeing a need for control began imposing taxes on goods shipped through the conduits. Eventually the governmental control became so strict that as is true to our nature, factions began to split off and the corridor wars began.

Corridor Wars

The Corridor wars would last nearly 1000 years and bring about the fall of the once proud ECS and the corridors them selves.

The Fall and Aftermath

Once the ECS fell, the work crews dedicated to maintaining the delicate Luz-phosphorus corridors stopped working. There were bigger concerns than space travel. SURVIVAL It would take another several generations until the knowledge needed to even make, let alone maintain space travel would be lost completely.

Relics of a distant past

Several new Tribes grew from the ashes. All are focused on three things:

  • Food
  • Tech
  • Wealth

Earth Today

Is ruled by warring factions or tribes and has recently become home to a lost people calling themselves New Terrans. It has become an overgrown wonderland just waiting to be explored.

Character Notes

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