Earth Today

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Earth is an Alien place. Remnants of vast cities dot the landscape. Humanity struggles with their new identities and warring Tribes vie for resources and ancient Relics.

Some tribes have braved the haunted ruins of the vast cities and learned how to harness some of the ancient tech but constantly struggle to find parts and additional data to keep it running. One great Chieftain has been quoted as saying “we have this high-tec know how but live on this low-tec rock hurtling through space…”

Once sleek interstellar vessels lie rusting into oblivion near the old spacer ports. Factories that churned out packaged bot-wa and pak-nu lie empty and foreboding.

Recent Events

*Landing of a ship in generations bringing the New Terrans with it
*Strange lights being reported in City-ruins
*Factories working again near landing site

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